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Applying the edge to print without being cut by it.

Spiritscribe Publishing, LLC has been dedicated to providing the best in editing services since 2016. We specialize in proofreading articles, newsletters, manuscripts, business reports, proposals, short stories, research papers, and other forms of documentation for submission and/or publication. Spiritscribe Publishing, LLC reviews documents for the use of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, mechanics, syntax, diction, and overall readability. Spiritscribe Publishing, LLC offers the best in evaluations for manuscripts, formatting, PDF conversion, ghostwriting, and other services.  



Hey! I actually got As on both [graduate papers]! Thank you!
— -Roshanda Johnson, M. Ed
“Awesome, personable, and nonjudgmental!!”
— Tiffiinny Beard, m. Ed.
My experience with Spiritscribe Publishing, LLC was phenomenal! At every stage, the publishing process was discussed with me, and responses to my inquiries were prompt, courteous, and thorough. My thoughts and ideas concerning the artistry and design of my book were supported and encouraged. The only thing that satisfied me more than the cost to print was the turnaround time.

From submission to availability was a matter of four to six weeks! I am highly pleased with their services.
— Shandra Love
Thank you, Spiritscribe Publishing for your expertise and help. You are such a pleasure to work with.
— Sharon Roch, First Lady of Apostolic Church


Our Mission

Spiritscribe Publishing, LLC is dedicated to addressing the ills of social injustice through stories that bring poignant characters, inspirational words, and education to life through print.

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Meet the C.E.O.

Courtney L. Smith is the Founder of Spiritscribe Publishing, LLC and the creator of the Trouble Series: one of the first urban fantasies featuring African American characters.

Courtney L. Smith (born April 8, 1976), who sometimes writes under C.L. Smith, is an African American author and playwright. His most popular work is the first book of the The Trouble Series (Trouble's Always Watching: Volume One). He often endured hardship with dead-end jobs and endured unemployment. He wrote his first book (Johnny Ray Is Watching) when he was not searching for jobs. He founded his own company and published numerous titles after enduring his own difficulties with the publishing company that initially published him. He holds numerous events for training and helping new writers and authors called Scribing Genesis Workshops. This is based upon his book Scribing Genesis: Quickstart Writing For Beginners