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The Released
A diverse collection of poignant and profound poems written by Shiarnice Taylor aka Lyric invigorates the reader with wisdom, knowledge, and a challenge to pursue one's walk with Christ to the best of his/her ability. Get ready to inundate your life with this moving collection of poems.

It is available at Amazon.com and Kindle.
Heart To Mind: The Purpose Identity Workbook

This book is a self-help guide for women designed to add clarity to your God-given purpose and role in this world. Everyone deserves a life filled with satisfaction, happiness, and unstoppable confidence. "Feeling" stuck with a lack of direction does not have to be an option, and your greatness can be unleashed by doing the things that are outlined in this book. 

What's Inside?
76 pages of strategies are in this book:
-controlling emotional behaviors to master your life.
-aligning your daily habits with divine purpose.
-influencing your environment to manifest your vision.
-forming kingdom-mindset momentum.
-claiming your life through acclamations.  
.It is available on Amazon.com and Kindle.  

You're Not Dead: Heaven Is The Finish Line: The Homerun of Your Dreams 

Millie Smith Larson shares a rich, insightful tapestry of life’s experiences and encouragement through songs and testimonies regarding the influence of God in her life. Her songs, poems, and lessons of encouragement will allow you to recognize the necessity of including Jesus Christ in your life as your Lord and Savior. Allow the words to inundate your spirit with bountiful experiences through some of her struggles and lessons as she conveys God’s goodness through this work. You will not be disappointed.
Scribing Genesis: Quickstart Writing For Beginners
Scribing Genesis is designed to allow adults to develop basic-writing skills for composing essays, articles, short stories, blogging, and publishing. This entails reviewing the fundamentals for reinforcing grammatical rules and application without intimidation or anxiety.

It is available on Amazon.com and Kindle.

Introduction to Homiletics


Dr. Nathaniel Stampley has compiled this collection of sermons, stories, and allegories to edify and enthrall new members of the clergy in the art of delivering homilies to captivate, enlighten, and guide men and women of God in the art of delivering sermons.  Dr. Stampley’s diverse plethora of experiences with homiletic samples will undoubtedly instruct you on igniting passion within your parishioners’ souls like raging infernos.  Creating practical, insightful sermons will allow you to compose poignant homilies with the speed and precision of a laser while waking the spiritual awareness of the reader like a rejuvenating resurrection.  Your fingertips are the keys to unlocking Dr. Stampley’s masterful tutelage.  It is available on Amazon.com and Kindle.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts and Calling to Ministry

Dr. Nathaniel Stampley explains how to identify your spiritual gifts and calling to ministry in this inspirational manual.  This guide teaches you how to listen to God’s voice and watch for divine events and influences, and it will foster God’s leadership and guidance for you with discovering and honing your talents.  The reader will also receive instruction on how to direct efforts to learning God’s purpose for life and fulfilling it.  This collection increases your sensitivity to God’s voice.  Additionally, you will also learn how to follow the divine path that leads to your ultimate, spiritual destiny being directed by His everlasting arms.  Following Dr. Stampley’s instructive collection will manifest the greatest roadmap with divine wisdom and understanding providing the necessary, sage advice of God for the journey.   It is available on Amazon.com and Kindle.

Dr. Nathaniel Stampley has composed a collection of annotations for many biblical parables that will increase the understanding of their meanings and applications for allowing readers to cope with various situations and utilize practical means for their lives. Gain insight and revelation into the words of Jesus Christ as Dr. Stampley explains their meanings. This book allows Dr. Stampley to convey the short allegorical stories as though you are walking among the disciples and listening to Jesus, himself.   It is available on Amazon.com and Kindle.

Dr. Nathaniel Stampley offers insight into the poetic books of the Bible and discusses the aesthetic values they impart upon the readers. Perusing the pages make it possible to embrace the hardships and conditions of Job's trials as revelation is imparted upon viewing the text. Plus, the artistic and romantic overtones of the Song of Solomon will posses greater meanings as Dr. Stampley walks through its various verses. Dr. Stampley allows you to walk with David as he discusses his captivity and victory throughout various events in the book of Psalms. Dr. Stampley shares his elite understanding of the book of Proverbs as you embark on a journey through the mind of Solomon to find the key to ultimate wisdom.   It is available on Amazon.com and Kindle.

Accepting an Apology You May Not Receive is a manual for those struggling with personal issues he or she may not have resolved from the past or near the present.  Tiffinny Beard shares a rich tapestry of experiences and hard lessons she has learned through life in order to progress and allow others to do the same.  Many of the issues society neglects are addressed in this manual to find closure and relief from adverse situations that may still be plaguing your life with regret, depression, shame, guilt, and many other negative emotions.  This manual will allow you to cope with or solve personal issues once and for all and acquire the badly needed peace to progress with your life.


Trouble's Always Watching Volume 1

Tenesha Campbell’s name is plastered on the honor roll with each semester, and most people usually look for any excuse to share her breath. However, her mother leaves whelps on her back, stomach, and legs in addition to shoving her head into the walls for little or no reason. Her stepfather leaves bruises upon her body if she does not please him, and a local kingpin promises to bury her family if she does not sell his urban pharmaceuticals. She chases the shadows of an urban legend to disprove it as a means of coping with her situation, but she risks wearing a toe tag upon attracting its attention. Will she survive long enough to solve it, or will she be choking on her own blood before she has a clue?