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"These edits are amazing! Thank you for bringing my paper up to an A!  Payment on the way!"

 -Roshanda Johnson (Masters of Education)

"I am very satisfied!"

 -Roslyn Hagger (retired teacher, published author)

"Spiritscribe Publications has contributed articles that have been utilized in our church bulletin.  Each article has been informative and relevant to the subject needed.  The writings are inspirational and well-put together.  Thanks Spiritscribe Publications for your talents and abilities.  I would highly recommend Spiritscribe Publications for any editorial work."

 -Sharon Roch (First Lady of Apostolic Tabernacle)

"Word of mouth is what steered me in the direction of Spiritscribe Publishing/Courtney Smith. 
Having heard horror stories about some of the mediocre, over-priced professional editing services made me apprehensive about turning my work over to "just anybody."   Please make note that Spiritscribe Publishing does not fall into that category! 

I am beyond satisfied with the ethical, professional, and prompt service that was rendered.  Whenever there was a question or concern to arise, I was able to communicate with Mr. Smith on the same day.

Mr. Smith also made sure his understanding and vision of my manuscript was in alignment with my desire for it and went the extra mile with consulting me about how to make it "snap, crackle, and pop!"

After completing my manuscript, Mr. Smith gave me parting tidbits of information that will help keep my work exciting.  The editing fee is very reasonable and definitely worth the insight, thoroughness, and reputation that Mr. Smith is trying to build and maintain with his clientele.

If you want it done right, you cannot go wrong with Spiritscribe Publishing!

-Shandra Love (Author)