The Beginning of Writing

The bestselling novel does not always begin on 120 gsm (grams per square meter) paper or on a Corel WordPerfect program.  Pens are not always used to place the artistic, detailed strokes of a calligrapher on a sheet of paper.  Sometimes, a few strokes of graphite upon a paper towel have the potential to ignite the New York Times Bestseller List like the inferno on The Poseidon Adventure.  A writer as influential as William Shakespeare does not have to necessarily be duplicated to enjoy the same recognition and success.  Sometimes, the most unlikely candidates or unknown writers can craft a bestseller with their very first work.  This is not a frequent occurrence, but it is not a virtual impossibility, either.  Every person has the potential to craft a work worth reading; however, there are three steps every writer should take: (1) get started, (2) make it a habit, and (3) get the right types of tools for assistance.

The very first step to writing is getting started, period.  Firstly, you cannot expect to have anything if you do not get started.  Many reasons exist for people not to start.  Some have doubts about their abilities to write.  They mistakenly believe it is necessary to begin creating compositions with the skill and sophistication of an engineer designing a shuttle.  A bestselling writer is not born with a typewriter and a Doctoral Degree for English Literature.  If they were, you can only imagine the extreme pain for their mothers to squeeze those things out of themselves along with their babies.  Other moments, people are immobilized by writer’s block.  A few view this with the apprehension a chicken might have on an island full of starving tigers.  The only thing you truly need to fear is never allowing yourself to see how far you could get by making the attempt to write.  You are not obligated to display your work to the public; therefore, you can easily spend your time working on your craft until reaching a level of comfort to present it.  How many people have produced a book the first time around?  You should not realistically expect to structure a really good book on the first attempt, either. 

Making a regular habit of writing is the second step.  Daily writing establishes a number of things.  For instance, constant writing helps reduce or eliminate writer’s block.  Making a habit of constantly writing fosters the creativity often associated with producing ideas, content, and material to write.  This often hinders the onset of writer’s block because a mind that is constantly flowing with ideas is far less likely to be impeded by a stagnation or immobilization of continuity.  Furthermore, expanding one’s vocabulary and experimenting with various sentences helps eliminate redundancies.  Having a regular routine for writing will save you the trouble of deciding when to write because it will become a habit.  Keeping a journal for writing on a daily basis will prevent your pen’s ink from drying out.  Having a designated time and space for unconditional compromise of this habit will not only solidify your routine, but it will also reduce the amount of time you need to prepare yourself, mentally.

Having the right tools will allow you to constantly improve your craft.  Having a good manual (Scribing Genesis: Quickstart Writing for Beginners for writing) is a good reference guide to start your craft and enhance it.  Acquiring a tool such as an English book on your desk allows you to search for quick references and improve your work without having to interrupt your thoughts.  Having a good dictionary with some reference guides for certain professions or occupations within the area you are writing will allow you to develop a strong appropriation for the usage of certain form of jargons associated with a particular occupation.  Have a few references available for quick information in order to enhance the ability to write everything down. 

There is no time like the present to write.  If you have time to read this blog, you can get started, now.  You could be dead, tomorrow.  Time is not guaranteed for anyone, so make the most of your time and get started in the present before your life becomes the past.  If you are waiting for the perfect time in your life to start, you might be finished before you lift your pen.  Do yourself a favor: get started as soon as possible, so it will not become impossibility, later.   



Courtney Smith